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Communications and Editing

  • How do I present the facts in the best way? How do I find the appropriate words? We optimally prepare the content for you - in the form of presentations or detailed writing. We support you in the planning and execution of trainings and events to communicate your messages.

    A selection of projects carried out in this subject area, we have described for you in some news. Simply click on one of the right-wing categories to generate a list of all corresponding news and projects. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


    What goals are you pursuing with your presentation? What kind of content you want to communicate? Where are the priorities? Who are your addressees?

    Your presentation should seamlessly embed in the corporate design of your company and focus on the important issues.


    Wrong words can reject and slam the door in front of you. Proper words can persuade, even enchant. For this they must be placed in the proper context. They must appeal to its addressees, even touch.

    Online content, screenplays, scripts


    To convey content to people. This requires a good structure and processing of this content and in particular the ability to respond to other people.


    The preparation, the execution and an appropriate post-processing of an event can be - depending on the size and duration - a real challenge. Here content-related, organizational and technical issues that should ideally engage with each other, play a decisive role.